Our Vision and Mission

We believe that Electronics’ users do not get nowadays the quality they deserve, they do not pay a fair price for what they buy. We believe that too much marketing and too much advertising are helping to sell on the market too many flawed products that are destined to become obsolete in few months.

So forgive us if our communication is maybe not perfect, but we are very busy to make our products as perfect as possible. We believe that our products will speak for themselves and we hope that our customers will become our best and proud promoters. This is the form of advertisement that we prefer.

We want to bring an Electronic revolution into the Computing industry. We want to create a new, fair and efficient ecosystem of products to add real value to people’s life.
We want to provide as less mechanics and as much electronics as possible inside our products because no mechanical parts means less noise and less chances of failures. We also want to reduce the size of our devices as much as possible because miniaturization means less power consumption, more portability and a greener world. Yes we do really care about the environment around us because this planet is the only one we have so far.

We are creators of Technology but we are above all the first users of our products. That is how we started, manufacturing for our needs, and that is also why our mantra is to look at things from the perspective of the user. When you look from this angle of view everything becomes more clear, simple and intuitive.

It is going to be a long journey to change this world and make it a better place and we feel as we just start fresh every day: new things to learn, new invention to make, new challenges to overcome. We hope that you will join us: to tell us what you want, what you desire, what you need and to give us your sincere feedback.
We committ that we will shape our company around you and we will do our best to fullfill this promise.